Poem – Trash VS Literature

The poem is written from a perspective of a woman who lives at the trash dump and is whose life is full of struggles, but then literature changes her life through storybooks. Also, this poem gets inspired from a novel titled The Rent Collector.

I spend many years of my life living at the trash dump, but it is more than just a normal lifestyle. Here are my stories:

Trash is my blood.

My whole life depends on garbage, even the stuff I found in the mud.

Trash is my food,

Which sometimes is the only things that can change my mood.

Trash is my medicine.

It can make my child’s sickness vanish so that he can grins.

Trash is my hope,

Which is the only thing that I could look closer to my future just like using a microscope.

Trash is my knowledge.

Since it is what I always depend on, I hope it could get me into college.

 But after all, I feel the world is very small, and that is when I meet an admirable woman, who teaches me literature. Since then…

Literature is my blood.

Every single day, it is flowing in my brain like a flood.

Literature is my food.

I can eat it all day without reaching my highest altitude.

Literature is my medicine.

It could help to heal all my life’s struggles and also give me lessons.

Literature is my hope,

A really powerful aspect of life that is very sustainable just like a rope.

Literature is my knowledge,

Since it is a part of education, it is a right, not a privilege.


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