Percent Yield

One of the topics we learned in Chemistry this term was about percent yield. Percent yield was about how much we made, using the amount that we could make, and was formed with the relationship of theoretical yield and actual yield. Theoretical yield was the amount that we expected to get, and the actual yield was the amount that we actually get. Therefore, to calculate percent yield, we would take the actual yield divided by theoretical yield and times everything by 100. Noted that the actual yield will always be smaller than theoretical yield, based on the definitions of the two words, this idea makes senses; some amount of something that we expected to get could be greater or smaller than the actual amount, however, talking in terms of producing product, for example, rice, farmers would most likely predicted that their farms would give them a very high quantity.

To get more in depth about percent yield as well to understand better about this topic in particular, we also did a lab on percent yield. We made smore using some ingredients/reactants that we were given. It was a very enjoyable lab because at the end, each of us got to taste our smore! For more details of the lap, check out my lab report (link below) that I worked with my other two friends. 




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