Climate Summit

Climate Change is a global issued where everyone in the world is concerned about. So, in this exploration, we learned about Climate Summit. However, there is one program called World Climate Simulation. It is a program where people in different places came together and negotiate about Climate Change.

Our goal in this exploration is not only to learn about how does the World Climate Simulation works, but actually running the program with other people too. We have invited three schools and two organizations to come to Liger to participate in the program that we lead. We also went to Koh Seh, an island located in Kep, to learn about the ocean as well as climate change; we did a lot of snorkeling, beach clean up, and different experiments related to the ocean. It was a prodigious experience I had, and I really have a blissful time there.

Green Camp-school visit

On the 25th October, 2016 two stuff from the Green Camp school at Bali, Indonesia had came to our school and explained us about there work. Green Camp was created by 2006 but was not opened until 2008. It was form by two people from Bali who decided to sell their jewelry shop and then take those money to built the school. Green Camp is a great school that people all around the world know about it. The best and special thing about Green Camp was that it made from bamboo, every building are bamboo. The reason that they choose bamboo is because it is the strong materials, they want the students to be interacted with natural and another thing is that in Asia there are a lot of bamboo. The two stuff divided us into four groups and they gave each group some bamboo sticks and the connector that make from bamboo. We can make anything out of the stuff that they gave us. Then after 20 minutes later the things that each group had made was star, houses and Angkor Wat. Each group needed to come up to the front and explain why did they do it and what are their challenges. The two stuff members was really impressed with what we have done and one of them was cried because they were really proud of us. On that day it was a really good experience because we can be creative, collaborate and also get an idea of why are we doing the things that we want to do. Another thing is that we all are very lucky to get to know the most beautiful school in the world and had make connection with them.

Pygmalion Play

In literacy class we had learned about the Pygmalion play. In the class we read it until the end of the act. While we are reading we also do some work about the play. For example we do the text dependent question about the play, answer the questions by using evidence and the characteristic of the characters. These activities help us to understand more about the story as well as developing our thoughts through the whole play. 

Kep beach clean up

On 17th September, 2016 is the world beach clean up day. There are a group of students from Liger both juniors and seniors went to Kep for beach clean up. There are 15 juniors and 15 seniors. We leave at 8am and come back at 7:30pm. We arrived Kep around 11:00am and we started picking up the rubbish at one villager near the beach. Everyone were divided into many different group and in one group there 4-5 students and one adult. The people in a group have different job to do. One person can be the note taker of the any rubbish that we collected and another one can be the leader of the team and the rest can pick the rubbish. Whoever pick any rubbish need to come and tell the note taker so they can note down the amount of those trash. After we finished we put those rubbish that were tied in a big plastic back to the big truck. Around 12:30pm we had lunch together and after that we travel to another place, it called Crab market. Then we started to do our work again. There are a ton of rubbish that we collected and most of them are foam. When we finished and the truck came we put those rubbish in the truck. We have a lot of fun and we also went to play at the beach for a while. Some people play frisbee, football and bought some snacks. Then after that we went back to school.

Gunnar Bergstrom Presentation

It was a really great opportunity that all the senior from Liger had went to one place in Phnom Penh to listen to one man that came from British that have spend his life in Khmer Rouge. There were a lot of people at there and were really pay attention to what the man said. He told us everything about his life with Khmer Rouge and he also has a time that he has a meeting with Pol Pot. We can ask any questions that we want as he went along, we can raise our hand and stop him at anytime we want. There is also a translator. After all his presentation there a lot of people asking him a really great question and some of them are the students too. When every was done everyone that join that event get one book that talked about Khmer rouge for free. It was a really wonderful experience for us so that we can know and learn more about our country at the past with the thing that we can forget it but we can’t forgive to the people that make it happened.

Sharation round 1 2016-2017

All the board had came to our school. This time is the first time that they’ve been at Liger together. So we did the sharation for them both junior and senior. Junior talked about what they learned for the past seven weeks and for seniors talked about the exploration that they were working on. This sharation start at 1:30pm until 4:00pm. All the exploration that were presented are iron deficiency, Liger Digital Currency, Khmer Rouge, Change Agent and Game design. Not just only the people that are at Liger that participate in this event but also the people that came from other places too. Then about one week later we do this sharation again in Khmer to most of the parents of the students both junior and senior that were invited to the event.

Iron deficiency

We are learning about anemia that include iron deficiency. For most of the time in our class we are doing the research about it. We found out that Anemia is the most common diseases in the world. Anemia is when the level of our red blood cells lower than normal. The symptoms of it are weakness, pale skin, tired, headache, and more. That is because we don’t have enough iron in our body. But as we learn through the concept there is a simple solution and that’s called Lucky Iron Fish. Lucky Iron Fish is the organization that make the fish from the iron and can provide more iron in there body. Lucky Iron Fish came from Canada and now it almost make another organization in India. A man named Davuth who work with that organization had came to our school and tell us more about the organization. We had plan to Siem Reap to do the workshops to the villagers about anemia because we know that most of the people that live in the rural area got less iron in their body that can cause them a disease. But before we do it we need to plan what we going to tell them and learn more it clearly so that when they ask us the questions we can answer it confidently. We work together in a group and come up with four different parts of the presentation of the workshop and in total we did two workshop. The first group act a role play that talked about a woman that got anemia. Second group talked about the three time anemia that include iron deficiency. The third group talked about healthy eating, the meat and vegetables that contain a lot of iron. The last group talk about the Lucky Iron Fish, where it come from and how to use it. After all the presentation we did the demonstration to all the villagers, where we cooked one soup and then put the Lucky Iron Fish in it for ten minutes and then we let everyone taste that food and we found out that the taste of the food still the same but it contain more iron than before. In total we distributed the Lucky Iron Fish about 200 fish to the villagers. For the whole trip beside our workshops days we also take our opportunity to go to other place in Siem Reap. We went to Angkor Wat, hiking, landmine museum and to see the amazing circus. We had one Khmer teacher from our school came with us so when we went to any places he always tell the history about it to us.

  • Act a role play of the first workshop.

Student’s Performance and Parents Day

On the 7th June, 2016 Liger student’s parents were invited to see the performance of the students at school. In the morning we cleaned up all the classes before we left the school for our summer holiday of the year. Then in the afternoon everyone prepared themselves to do their performances for their parents. There are Hip Hop, Khmer Dance, Karate, and Music. Not all of the parents come to school on that day because they are busy. The performances started at 2:00pm – 5:00pm. There is a smile on each of everyone face and it seemed they really have fun with those performances. We learned all those performances activities on every weekend with our teacher that came and teach us. The day that we performed to our parents happened in every year because we wanted to show them for what we have learned on the weekend and at our own time. When all the performances was over all the Liger students had sang two songs to everyone that we also have learned. After that there is a basketball game for boys and girls. We played against with each other. Girls vs girls and boys vs boys. This is not a real game that is for the tournament but it just for fun and also to show our parents. Everyone had a lot of fun with what they are doing. At night in every house at Liger have a party with each other and that was the last party before their summer holiday of the year.

Unusual Spiritualism in Cambodia

In Cambodia there are a lot of believes. About 40% of the Cambodians believe in spirits or ghosts because they’ve seen those before. Some people never see the ghosts so they just don’t believe but they believe in other things such as house protectors…The purpose in this exploration was we wanted to learn about many different spirits, interviewed people about spiritual in Cambodia and let them tell the time that they have seen the spirits. Also we wanted to get as much information as we can to create a podcast episode 3 of the Ligercast. Our group have a trip to four different provinces to interview the people. There are Kompong Cham, Kompong Speu, Kampot and Kep. We interviewed the people and get the information by using the recorder. After the trip we listen to the audio and start to transcript it. Then we put the audio into one program called Audacity to edit it. After that we combined the audio that we edit together into one podcast. When we have finished our podcast in Liger we usually we listened to it together. Our group had spend a lot time to work on that podcast but we are really happy that we have made a wonderful podcast about spiritualism in Cambodia.

  • The people that we have interviewed on our trip.