Percent Yield

One of the topics we learned in Chemistry this term was about percent yield. Percent yield was about how much we made, using the amount that we could make, and was formed with the relationship of theoretical yield and actual yield. Theoretical yield was the amount that we expected to get, and the actual yield was the amount that we actually get. Therefore, to calculate percent yield, we would take the actual yield divided by theoretical yield and times everything by 100. Noted that the actual yield will always be smaller than theoretical yield, based on the definitions of the two words, this idea makes senses; some amount of something that we expected to get could be greater or smaller than the actual amount, however, talking in terms of producing product, for example, rice, farmers would most likely predicted that their farms would give them a very high quantity.

To get more in depth about percent yield as well to understand better about this topic in particular, we also did a lab on percent yield. We made smore using some ingredients/reactants that we were given. It was a very enjoyable lab because at the end, each of us got to taste our smore! For more details of the lap, check out my lab report (link below) that I worked with my other two friends. 




Poem – Teenagers

In Khmer literacy class Liger senior students had published a poetry book. All the masterpieces (all the poems) were done by Liger seniors’ students.  I wrote two poems one was about school and another one was about teenagers. 

Teenagers poem talked about how teenagers these days obey their parents and that each of them should rethink that they received what they had today because of their parents; so even if they can’t look after them yet, they also (teenagers) shouldn’t hurt them. 


                                           (បទ ពាក្យប្រាំពីរ)

ចាំទេកូនខ្មែរទាំងអស់គ្នា                        ចាំទេវេលានៅក្នុងផ្ទៃ

ទម្រាំបានដូចគេដទៃ                                ម៉ែស៊ូគ្មានស្តីឈឺខ្លោចផ្សា។

កូនតូចម្តាយសុខចិត្តមិនឆី                    ហត់ណាស់កូនខ្ចីមិនវាចារ

ទ្រាំមិនត្អូញត្អែរព្រោះស្នេហា                       ព្រោះតែងប្រាថ្នាកូនសងវិញ។

ដល់ពេលកូនធំម្តាយគិតខុស                  ដោយសារកំហុសកូនម្សិលមិញ

ម្តាយស្ពាយរាល់ទុក្ខសោកទោម្នេញ           ទាល់ម្តាយអស់ធ្មេញទើបដឹងខ្លួន។

រាល់ព្រឹកកូនថាទៅសាលា                           រឿងភនេះណាមានគ្រប់ក្បួន

គ្រប់ពេលលុយមិនគ្រប់ចំនួន                  ហារសំុផ្ទួនៗមិនចេះគិត។

ខោអាវគ្រប់មូ៉តមិនខ្វះពាក់                 ខ្លះក៏យារធ្លាក់ចេញទាំងផ្ចិត

ប្រាប់ហើយប្រាប់ទៀតយ៉ាងលម្អិត           សូមកូនអាណិតចិត្តម៉ែពុក។

មិនចង់គិតប្រៀបកូននឹងគេ                 ទោះកូនមាសមេបំពុលទុក្ខ

សំខាន់ឲ្យតែរស់បានសុខ                           កំុឲ្យអ្នកស្រុកគេមើលងាយ។


Unit 1 Exam

1.) What is the difference between a qualitative and quantitative observation?

Qualitative observation is where we only need the meaning, concepts, or the characteristic of what we are observing,

Quantitative observation is where need mathematics, numbers, statistic..etc, in our observation.

For example: qualitative observation  → The water is very cold.

For example: quantitative observation → The water is approximately 2 degree Celsius.

2.) Ellie realizes that all of her plants die within a few months of her care.  She wants to check the effectiveness of fertilizer. She gives 6 plants in group A fertilizer, and 6 plants in group B no fertilizer.  She then measures the growth of the plants to see if the fertilizer helps them grow.

What is the control group? 

6 plants in group B with no fertilizer  

What is the experimental group?

6 plants in group A with fertilizer

What is the independent variable?

the effectiveness of fertilizer 

What is the dependent variable?

growth of plants

3.) What is the difference between precise and accurate?

Precision is (when you’re doing an experiment) how do you get the same answer when you’re using the same method, while accuracy is how close you are in getting to the correct answer.

4.) Convert the following numbers to scientific notation:

  1. ) 0.00432 → 4.32*10^-3 b.) 34500 → 3.45*10^4

5.)  If you measured the area of something that had a length of 5.0m and a width of 3.456m, how many significant figures would be in your answer?

The answer should have only 1 significant figure and with the rounded value because the fewest decimal place in the problem has only one sig fig

For example = 5.0*3.456 = 17.2800   but since the fewest decimal place in the problem has only one sig fig, the answer should be 17.3

6.) How many significant figures are in each of the following measurements?

  1. 3400 cm → 2 sig figs
  2. 0.00043200 L → 5 sig figs

C = K- 273      

7.)  If a thermometer reads  340C, what would the temperature be in Kelvin?

C = K-273 → K = C+273 = 34+273

= 307 Kelvin

Degree To Radian (or reverse)

How to convert from degree to radian or radian to degree?   

Using calculator:

→ What is 225 degree in radian?

We know that π = 180 degree so what we could do is using cross multiply:


How to convert from degree to radian or radian to degree?   

Without using a calculator:

30 degree = π/6 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/6 = 30

60 degree = π/3 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/3 = 60

90 degree = π/2 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/2 = 90

45 degree = π/4 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/4 = 45

These are the different degrees of special right triangle and we can use them to determine the measure of triangles, in radian, without the use of calculator.  

30-60-90 triangle

45-45-90 triangle


Seen But Can’t Reply

Perspective: The poem got inspired by a novel called The Rent Collector and was talking a character, Nisay (a child), who was watching his parents everyday and how he was expressing his feelings about them as well as what had happened to his family.

Every single day, all I see was tears swirling around a woman’s eyes.

I felt stupid everytime she talked to me, so I cry.

We lived on the same ground, we were born to be the same citizens, why can’t I understand what she said?

Wait, was that because I was only one year old and was always be in my bed?

I couldn’t express how useless I was at that age and I wished to grow faster

Not in a purpose to make friends but to help my dad and my mother.

I believed nobody could imagine what a day would look like for us

It was exhausting and frustrating, until some days my father created a fuss.

I didn’t mean to get sick and make my parents felt hopeless, but if I were to be healthy, you’ll see me jump.

But overall, the one reason behind everything was because our home was at the garbage dump.

Staying inside my mother’s embrace for almost 24 hours was always my only happiness.

But I did feel guilty when all she did was clean up my mess.

I tried not to cry most of the time because I knew it will provide more pressure to my parents

But what could I do if my feelings were constantly changing like the wave’s current.

I was a child who depended on remedy for all my life.

Sometimes just to receive money to look after me, my dad risked his life with gangster’s knife.

But finally, after a beautiful storm, there’s come a delightful rainbow.

Our family looked happier even if we did not show.

And that was when I got better

My sickness vanished; Thanks to my traditional doctor.






Poem – Trash VS Literature

The poem is written from a perspective of a woman who lives at the trash dump and is whose life is full of struggles, but then literature changes her life through storybooks. Also, this poem gets inspired from a novel titled The Rent Collector.

I spend many years of my life living at the trash dump, but it is more than just a normal lifestyle. Here are my stories:

Trash is my blood.

My whole life depends on garbage, even the stuff I found in the mud.

Trash is my food,

Which sometimes is the only things that can change my mood.

Trash is my medicine.

It can make my child’s sickness vanish so that he can grins.

Trash is my hope,

Which is the only thing that I could look closer to my future just like using a microscope.

Trash is my knowledge.

Since it is what I always depend on, I hope it could get me into college.

 But after all, I feel the world is very small, and that is when I meet an admirable woman, who teaches me literature. Since then…

Literature is my blood.

Every single day, it is flowing in my brain like a flood.

Literature is my food.

I can eat it all day without reaching my highest altitude.

Literature is my medicine.

It could help to heal all my life’s struggles and also give me lessons.

Literature is my hope,

A really powerful aspect of life that is very sustainable just like a rope.

Literature is my knowledge,

Since it is a part of education, it is a right, not a privilege.


Poem – Your Waste My Money

→ This poem is written from a perspective of a girl who lives at the trash dump and is depicting her future based on her environment.

How do you define your own happiness? Personally, rummaging around in trash is my happiness – every then and now.

If you were me, a piece of metal will make you say wow.

Getting cuts, Feeling sore, being robbed? I am used to it

But I alert myself, again and again, that I can’t quit.

Trash is my life, trash is my only hope – if you do not know

Now, you’re thinking of developing your country, but then where else could I go?

Waking up every morning, without the smell of a delicious breakfast is a part of my routine

Instead, all I smell is trash, which makes me never want to become clean.

Staying home will never be one of my options

Why? I’m very busy each day picking up trash; they are waiting for me to pick them up with impatient.

Up until these days, all I am obsessed with is trash

Even if it means sweating all day just to receive a little amount of cash.

Letting my family starve is my biggest fear

But what else can I do if messing around with waste is my career

I won’t be surprised if I get rejected for other jobs because of my background

But what else do you expect from a person whose parents were never found.

So please, if you don’t mind, give me a chance

I just need money, I’m not asking for an advance.

Otherwise, my child won’t be able to study

Because all I know right now is your waste is my money.


Science behind Hulks’ superpowers

Physic behind superheros’ superpowers was one of the projects in physic class. So basically, everyone needed to choose one of their favorite heroes and then researched the physic behind their hero’s superpower. My hero was The Incredible Hulk, and here are the science that I found behind some of his superpowers. 

Hulk’s superpower

If you find yourself on a side of battle opposite the Hulk, you’re on the losing side.

The Incredible Hulk is a fictional superhero appeared in American comic books. Hulk had two appearances and they were based on his mood. He was green when he was mad and was back to a normal person when he calmed down. The madder he got the stronger he was. Hulk was called “The Incredible” because of his superpowers: leaping and jumping abilities, high resistance and durability, thunder claps (slamming hand to create large force), healing ability, survival in space, superhuman speed, and more.

On the other hand, most Hulks’ superpowers were related to physic and some biology. For instance, his thunderclaps, was very loud as a sonic boom explodes or a hurricane. As a humans being, at around 150 decibels (the unit measurement of the loudness), our eardrums will be destroyed. However, Hulks’ thunderclaps were about 300 decibels, which could melt and devastate stuff. But how could this be possible? Hulks’ thunderclaps was extremely powerful because when his two hands came together so fast, it created heat and had formed large force that then went toward the direction that his hand was pointing until it hit with object(s).

In The Incredible Hulk movie, the Hulk was originally a scientist named Bruce Banner who is a geneticist who worked on cell regeneration. However, one day the machine that was working with was fail so Bruce got hit by gamma radiation accidentally. Gamma radiation is the most powerful energy formed of light. Its wavelength is pretty small but carried a lot of energy. The idea of Bruce Banner became the Hulk is an example of epigenetic, the study of how environment affects gene. Bruce’s body turned to the Hulk whenever he got angry because chemical of the gamma ray reacted to his gene that would then created proteins and improved Bruce’s muscle size. Upon reading this was not the reason why the Hulk is green because gamma radiation was not green. It was because of the Hulk got a full body bruise when he absorbed the gamma radiation, and when that happened his blood cells that were under the skin will got damaged. So, when the cells got destroyed some sort of side effect happened, which showed as yellow, blue, and black, and one of them was green. Therefore, whenever Bruce Banner got mad the gamma radiation provided him with a massive body bruise that made him turned to an immense green beast.  

Although what had happened to Hulk might seemed realistic but some of his abilities were  actually not. If anyone were to get hit gamma radiation, he/she won’t gained any superpower; in fact, it will make the persons’ cells damaged and there will be a high chance that cancer will be occurred.

However, one of the Hulks’ superpowers could possibly exist in the real world, and that was leaping and jumping abilities. Both of these strength got three different stages: take off, flight, and landing. Anyone could become a better jumper or leaper, all they needed to do were, exercising their body, training hard, and putting enough time in order to get successful. Leaping and Jump had to do a lot in parkouring. David Belle, was known as the inventor of today’s parkour and he was a parkourist professional as well. David was literally could do almost the same things that the Hulk performed with his jumping and leaping abilities. The differences were their size and the distance of jumping/leaping. In The Incredible Hulk movie, there were so many things that were based on fact but movie itself didn’t showed. For instance, as mentioned earlier, the Hulk’s thunderclaps is about 300 decibel, which did not make any sense if any human could handle to the situation when the Hulk clapped his hands because human eardrum has already been devastated within 150 decibel.





Khmer Poem – School



 (បទ ពាក្យប្រាំពីរ)


កន្លែងនេាះច្រើនគ្រប់ទិសទី                          បុរសនារីគ្រប់អាត្មា

មនុស្សមួយចំនួននៅប្រាថ្នា                          ទីនេាះហៅថាសាលារៀន។


រាល់ព្រឹកព្រលឹមពេលសិក្សា                             ឮគ្រូអាចារ្យប្រដៅប្រៀន

ប្រឹងស្តាប់ប្រឹងយល់មិនដែលអៀន             កត់ពីក្តារខៀនហើយទន្ទេញ។


ពេលម៉ោងចេញលេងបានមកដល់            អស់ទុក្ខកង្វល់គ្មានទោម្នេញ

សិស្សានុសិស្សរត់លេងពេញ                            ខ្លះទៀតក៏ទិញនំចំណី។


ដល់ម៉ោងសម្រាកគ្រប់រូបកាយ                   សម្លេងក្អាកក្អាយលើវិថី

សម្រុកទៅផ្ទះគ្មានប្រណី                                 មិនដូចេ្នាះថ្វីច្បាស់ឈឺប្រាណ។


សូមកល្យាណមិត្តទាំងអស់គ្នា                        សំអាតទីធ្លាកំុបីខាន

ទោះវាមិនមែនការកំសាន្ត                             ប៉ុន្តែយើងបានសាលាស្អាត។


សួនច្បារខាងមុខដងទង់ជាតិ                    ដើមផ្កាឯទៀតមិនខ្វះខាត

ដើរកាត់ពេលណាចង់លួចឆ្លៀត                  បេះហើយយកសៀតទាំងញញឹ ម។


សាលាយើងអើយអ៊ូអរក្រៃ                              មិនថាយប់ថ្ងៃស្រស់ពព្រឹម

ពួកយើងប្រឹងរៀនទាំងសង្ឃឹម                     ស្អែកព្រឹកព្រលឹមវិសមកាល។


ៃសននឹកស្រណោះពេលកន្លង                    ពេលត្រូវដំបងធ្ងន់ឬស្រាល

ចងចាំមិនភ្លេចក្នុងខួរក្បាល                       ឈឺហើយរៀងចាលដឹងកំហុស។


This poem is talking about there is one place where so many people still can’t afford to go to; it is called school. Every morning teachers are teaching students with concentration and students are attempting to focus, listen and copy down the notes into their book. When break time comes students are very blissful, some are running around, playing different games, and some are buying snacks. Eventually, after a full morning or afternoon of studying, finally, it is time for students to go back home. The delighted voices on the road from those young bright minds are really showing how joyful they were after school. However, they also needed to be home on time, otherwise, their parents will be infuriated with them.

In fact, as students of any school, our role is to keep the school clean because it is just like a second house for every single person.  Even though it seems not the most satisfying thing to do but our school will look clean.

Over time, there will be a holiday. Students will be excited about their break but after a while, they will miss their school, expressly all of the old memories they have created with their friends and teachers.






Voice of Elders article

“When girls hangout at night, we called them boys,” said Sophal Thoung.

The love parents have for their children has no constraint. Sometimes teenagers feel that they are under the manipulation of their parents or think that they are strict. However, the only reason behind it is that parents always caring, frantic, and worried, especially when knowing that their kids are hanging out late at night.

In countries such as Cambodia, there is a strong belief against girls hanging out at night, particularly among the elders. According to Sophal Thoung, one of the cleaning staff  at Liger Leadership Academy stated, for around 90 years, girls and women live with regulations and beliefs. When girls become adolescents, they are not allowed to depart the house.

But why aren’t boys or men faced with this restriction?

“They [girls] need to get into the shade when they hit puberty,” said Sophal.

Figuratively, following Mydoc4u website it displays that, the phrase remarked by Sophal, means girls needed to be kept in the room without letting other people seeing them for three months or more. They can’t talk to men, even to their father or brother(s). They don’t go to school but there is a maid who teaches them so many things such as, how to behave properly, how to be a mother, how to do embroidery and chores. This belief occurred because parents want their daughter to be white and want to get people attention by showing what their daughter can do during the ceremony “Get in the shade”. Presently, this tradition is almost extinct, but it still exists in some places of Cambodia such as Koh Kong, Kampong Cham, and Siem Reap.

Sophal also explained her role as a parent and argued strongly that girls should not be hanging out at night. Additionally, she has clarified that she does worry for both of her child (boy and girl) but there are specific things she concerned about between them.   

“For my daughter, I misgive that they would get prostitution, and for my son, mostly I worried that if they are hanging out at night, the strangers could make them using drug and another thing is the traffic accident,” she declared.

She felt hesitant to give 100% trust to her kids. Although they are going to school every day she still concerned if they are going to other places. Sophal continued talking about the difference between boys and girls. She commented that parents worry more about their daughters than their sons. It is not that they don’t love them but the stereotypes that girls are weak, emotional, lack of confidence; in fact, boys are muscular, dominant, and intelligent, are the reasons why elders worry more about their daughters.

On the other hand, related to teenagers hanging out at night, Healthy Children website indicates that there are two types of parents. Some parents prefer a set curfew, a rule that requires people to be indoor at a certain amount of time, while other parents prefer to vary curfew decision. Parents who provide a set of curfew to their kids are kind of strict, punctual, and specific. But parents with different curfew decisions are more likely understand and show forgiveness to their kids. Moreover, living with curfew decisions are actually demonstrating flexibility, which encourages teenagers to show the responsibility of every action they take.  

As a role of parents, there are many things that we can’t resist to not concern about our kids. Furthermore, “There are possibilities for why parents do not allow teens to leave house at night such as, they are lack of trust within their children, they fear of a society of mixing boys and girls, they see a young woman going outside alone as inappropriate and dangerous”, based on About Islam website. The article also mentioned about two different countries with different religions that talked about the perspective of teenagers hanging out at night, it contributes that, “In the US, socializing with members of the opposite sex is a normal thing in teenagers life, while in Islam it is seen as something that can lead to many serious sins and problems”.

In Cambodia, the superstition of girls and women hanging at night still exists among some parents. But after reading this article, there are some takeaways that I want you to consider and differentiate about.

“Parents have honor because of their daughter, they lose honor also because of their daughter”.

“Both genders are allowed to hangout at night, most importantly they just need to be loyal to their parents and be able to take care themselves”.