Body weight exercise

This year one of my favorite After School Extension (ASE) is called body weight. Basically, what we are doing is working out our body with many different types of exercise, for example: crunches, plank, mountain climbing, push up, launches, burpie and more. The reason I join this is because of my schedule during the week. I didn’t get to play any sport until weekend and sometimes I don’t even get to. So for the whole week at least I should workout some time because it is good for my health as well as helping me and my muscle to get stronger so that I can play many sports well. All of those exercises was hard for me at first and the next day after I did them my body hurt everywhere, but as I do it many times I have used to it and not really get that much pain anymore. I am still keep joining this activity because I always have a sense I will get the result that I want by doing it.