About Me

My name is Kangnaneat. I was born to a peaceful and warm-hearted family in Kandal province, Cambodia. I am currently studying at Liger Leadership Academy, which is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Coming to Liger has changed my life. I am fifteen years old and have been studying at Liger for six years. Describing myself at this age is difficult, but the words independence, growth mindset, and navigation come to mind. 

Most people describe me as quiet, and this is the case in most classes. I am an introverted person; I like being independent more than being as a group because I get more focus when I am on my own. This doesn’t mean I am scared of asking questions- if I need help, I will always ask. 

I believe having a growth mindset is very important; I do not always enjoy doing things that I am not good at, but taking risks usually, have good results. I am motivated and enjoy seeing others succeed.