Chili Sauce Business

Every student at Liger had been participate in the Chili sauce business. There are four round of the exploration. I was in the last round. We made chili sauce. Our added value were: it made by the students at Liger that are 13-14 years old, 100% Cambodian product, and we only use Cambodia ingredients such as Kep sault, Kompong Speu palm sugar, kebab and all the fresh vegetables. In the class we divided into four team. There account and finance, outreach team, advertising, and product development. The account team work on the budget that for our chili sauce and calculate all the expenses. Outreach team worked to find the places that we can put our chilli sauce and sell it there. The product development team was making the chili sauce and they tried really to get the right ingredient and have good taste. The outreach team had went to many places in Phnom Penh to make people agree to put our chili sauce at their place. Most of the store won’t agree with us because they kind of not trust us and think that we are still young so we may not be a good partner with them. The accounting group also have problem with their work because they had calculate the number wrong and had messed up a lot of things. But for the advertising group not really have a lot of problems and they always keep update the information about our exploration on the social media (Facebook). But then we found out that our business is not success because we had not even reach to our break even point. The account team found out that we need a lot of money to start this business and we can’t make it. There is one restaurant that like our chili sauce and they had bought from us some. There is also another place that we can put our product in and they also email to us and ask about the time for when will we put our product at their place. But then we just tell them the truth that we can’t continued this project anymore because it only last for seven weeks and this is the last round too.

Sharation Exploration Round 5

On the 8th June, 2016 we have a big sharation at Liger that all the students presented to their parents and the other people that join this event. It was a big and last sharation for everyone before the school summer holiday of the year. We’re not just presented about what we learned in this round but also all the explorations that we have done of this year. We stared at 9:00am until the end of the day. In one class there are 2-3 presentations because there are a lot of explorations that will be present. As people walked around to many different classes they also can take a break to get some refreshments down stair of the budling. At 12:00pm all the students and parents had had lunch together. When most of the students finished their lunch a teacher had called them to performed some songs that they’d learned before to their parents. For this sharation some people may not get through all the presentations so we continued to do it again after they get some rest from their lunch. It seemed like people really enjoy with the work that all the students have done. Some people really suprised to some project because they never see it before. Also it showed us that they really pay attention to our presentation because sometimes they ask really questions. At the end of the day sharation was over. Some students already prepared their stuff and ready to go home for their summer holiday. But some students still finishing up their last speech for their guess. Anyway everyone did a really good job on their work and it was a big day before our summer holiday of the year.

Kingdom of Wow Talent Show

Kingdom of Wow is the event that is about showing all of the talents that you have to other people. This event idea was came from one of the student at Liger. There are some more students that join to make that event. It was for the people who have the age under 18. First they had been sending the form to all the students at Liger and asked them if they are interested to join the Kingdom of Wow event and show us what they got. Of course there are some students that are interested. The students that worked for the event also asked the other kids in the community and in some government schools if they want to show any of their talents to the other people. The kids was really interested and some of them really surprised us because they are really good. Those kids that live near our school in the community came and practice with the Kingdom of Wow’s members in every weekend for them to give feedback so that they can change and get better on their performance. Also a lot of schools had join this event. The Kingdom of Wow was on Saturday 4th June, 2016 at ISPP (International School of Phnom Peng) school and the performances was from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. There are hiphop, traditional Khmer dance, Magic, singing, music band, cup song, machial art and a lot more. There are three judges.The audience really enjoy with those prodigious performances. There is one little 10 years old who did a really phenomenal job on singing Khmer song. Everyone really like him and some people cried when they heard he sings. After half of the performance was performed there was a 25 minutes break for people to get some morsels. At the end to find out who is the winner of the Kingdom of Wow we gave a small piece of paper to all the audience for them to write down the number of the performer that they like and they only get one vote. Who got the most votes is the winner. We have 1st, 2nd and 3re place for different categories of all the performances. The winner for singing was the 10 years old little boy and the winner of the other performance was the students from other schools. But the students at Liger who joined this event some of them had win 1st, 2nd or 3rd on their performance too. The Kingdom of Wow event was so stunning because it can give the opportunity to the kids that are under 18 years old to show their talents. We hope to make this event again for the year after if it is possible.

  • Martial art

Sonnet Poem

We learn at the Liger Learning Center.
There are a lot of classes and subjects.
Moms told us that we need to drink water.
Tuesday after school we have robotics.

We have a dog named Harry, so skinny.
Our school has a trip to Mondulkiri.
Students study and see the monkeys.
And we go to talk to them politely.

Unfortunately they all ran away.
We were so shocked we jumped around and said olala.
Teacher feels bad, doesn’t know what to say.
Not for very long we saw Malala.

We went to ask her for her signature.
She looks very nice outside and also in the picture.

HOC (Humans of Cambodia)

HOC stand for Humans of Cambodia. In this exploration there are nine students. We had been going into one blog called Humans of New York. In that blog have a lot stories about people’s life. So we think that is a great ideas then we decided to make one blog about Humans of Cambodia too. But we don’t duplicate them everything we just take some ideas. Our goals in HOC exploration we wanted to share to the world about Cambodians people’s life by interview them with the random questions. Then put the information that we’ve got into our blog. But we only take the interesting part of the interview. Also we wanted to make one blog that’s about Cambodian. We wanted people to go in to our blog and see what we have done for Cambodia and read what’s in our blog with the smile on their face and with their happiness. The place that we have been interviewed are Phnom Penh (in different places) and Kompong Speu. We needed to take the thing to record and camera. After the interviewed we listen to the audio for what people said then translate to English or Khmer. For an interviewed for the people that we don’t know it only took two to three minutes. But for the specific people that we called and meet them someday it took about 15-30 minutes.

This is our blog:

  • We interviewed the members in our group. Kangnaneat

Liger Pride Yearbook

There are a group of six students were making a yearbook for Liger. What is a yearbook? Yearbook is the place that keep all the memories, photos, collections, achievements and all other things that we have done in the past. We named it The Liger Pride Yearbook. The purpose that we make the yearbook was we wanted all the students to remember the year at Liger or what they have done at Liger. Also we wanted to share to all the people to let them know about Liger. Even they can’t come to Liger to see what is going on but they still can look at our yearbook and learn more about it. We had looked for layout, yearbook of others school and get some ideas. Each students in this group have their own roles to do. There are photo caption, writing, editing, and layout. We had asked for all the students at Liger to bring their baby pictures so that we can put it in the yearbook. For the cover of the book everyone in this group had design their own idea then we do the vote for the one that we like the most, but we had combined some design together too. We only have seven weeks to do this project. But when the seven weeks was past we had turn this project into an expertise too.

  • This is the real cover of the Liger Pride Yearbook.

Owlves – Creative Writing


The Story of Owlves

We are a family of owlves. We have six members. We have four siblings. My name is Owlfibro and I’m the oldest one who takes care of all my brothers and sisters. Our parents went outside to hunt and get the food for us. My dad is an owl and wolf because strange magic happened to him. So that’s why when we were born, our faces were owlves and the rest of our bodies were wolves. We live in Greenland, where there is ice and snow. There are a lot of big and tall trees in the forest and it is very quiet. Our food is wild deer. In winter, it is hard to find the food because some of the animals are hiding in the deep forest and we need to spend a lot of time to hunt them. All of us always convinced dad to tell us about his secret about why he got an owl face and a wolf body. However he always hid it in his mind, except with my mother, who he told. When I was 10 years old and my other brothers and sisters were still young, our dad finally told us all the secrets. He said that when he was my age, he went to one deep forest alone at night, because he wanted to hunt the other animals. He felt so scared because it seemed like some animals were walking behind him. When he turned around to look, there was nothing and he was so quiet. About five minutes later, he turned again and saw a big animal that he had never seen before named Fink. Fink had a crocodile’s face and a leopard’s body. Fink said to my dad that he wanted to give one special thing to him because my dad was the first person that came into this forest. Also, Fink was the one who protected that forest. In that time, my dad didn’t think about anything bad about that magic, he just said yes to Fink for giving the magic to him. Then Fink said to my dad: “Are you ready? One.. two.. three!!” About three minutes later, my dad had an owl’s face and a wolf’s body. When my dad looked at his whole body, he was not happy because he thought that the magic was about making him stronger and more powerful than other things. My dad said to Fink: “Can you please change me to another thing besides this because other animals will say something bad about me and be afraid of me?” Fink said: “No, when other animals see you they will like you, especially the females, so don’t worry. I gave this to you, and you only.” My dad started to feel better and was about to leave that place. Fink said, “You also can fly because you have the part of an owl. You can stamp your right foot five times, then your wings will come out and when you stamp your left foot five times, the wings will close. Also, you can reproduce by sleeping near a female and saying to the gods in your mind that you want to reproduce, but you need to ask the female first. Then you just sleep like normal and the special system will make you reproduce with the female.” Dad just said thanks to Fink and left that place immediately. He never used his wings to fly because he just wanted to be a normal wolf with an owl face, but I hoped that he would fly with all his children one time. That is all the secrets that dad told us. Now I am 13 years old and it has been about 10 years already since dad hid the secret from me, but not from my other siblings. For me, I really wanted to fly, but dad said to wait until I’m 15 first, because at that age I will be good enough to protect myself. But I was still happy because I have two animals on my body. I will be a good brother for my other siblings and take good care of them instead of my parents when they are not here.


In photography class there are 12 students and two teachers. We are learning about taking a good photos, cameras, and discuss what the photos looks like. For the first week we looked at the photos that took by the photographers. The rest of the weeks students have the chance to use camera and try to take the photo by themselves. Also we been walking out around the school and took the pictures of any actions (kick and throw the ball..). Then if the photos that took by the students and it look great we will discuss together what the photo looks like and why it looks like that. The reason that we learn this is because those 12 students are learning about Phnong Minority (indigenous people). So it easier for them when they go on trip they need to talk the pictures and if they know the basic of how to talk their pictures will great too. Also they worked a lot with editing photos and add the captions, that why this expertise is happen.




Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am
I’m a girl.
I am 13 years old.
Everyday after school
I feel so wonderful
with my after school extensions,
especially football.
When I come to school every morning
I always see the beautiful trees with the green nature.
I love Liger so much and nothing can
change my love for Liger.
My life changed a lot when I came to Liger.
My favorite classes are math and literacy.
In the future I want to be a doctor because I want to help Cambodian people.

Where i’m from Poem


I am from art and shopping,
And I am from porridge, chocolate, and fried noodle.
I am from Kampot, Mondulkiri, Pursat,
And I am from market with my mother and Ta Khmau.
I am from Marady, Vattey, and Sovannou,
And I am from flower pot, bicycle and moto.
I am from frozen movie and music,
And I am from school trip and family vacation.
I am from Phnom Penh and I am from Cambodia,
But most of all, I am from Determination and living in a lovely family.