Degree To Radian (or reverse)

How to convert from degree to radian or radian to degree?   

Using calculator:

→ What is 225 degree in radian?

We know that π = 180 degree so what we could do is using cross multiply:


How to convert from degree to radian or radian to degree?   

Without using a calculator:

30 degree = π/6 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/6 = 30

60 degree = π/3 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/3 = 60

90 degree = π/2 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/2 = 90

45 degree = π/4 radian

Proof: π = 180 degree

180/4 = 45

These are the different degrees of special right triangle and we can use them to determine the measure of triangles, in radian, without the use of calculator.  

30-60-90 triangle

45-45-90 triangle



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