Interior Design | Independent Discovery

Engineering is very a broad subject to me, but when it comes to designing (not building) a place, whether it is external or internal, it does get my attention. So, for my personal learning or an independent Discovery, I chose to explore about interior Design. For the first week, I did not get straight into all the details or start design stuff right away, but I did checked out some of my friends projects that they did before that were resembled to what I am doing. Both of them were using some software in order to decorate rooms and houses they liked. Afterwards, I got inspired by them, so I went on and download a different software with a feeling that I do want to design my own house. Before I get started in the program, I also watched some videos about it to get some foundation. Finally, after two hours of my interior design classes, I had came up with two rooms such as a bathroom and a bedroom.


Do ants eat only sweets? The answer is no. One of my expertise class is called investigation. We can do an experiment about anything that we want to know more about, it can be about science or other things. My experiment this year was about ants. I want to know that do ants only got attracted to only sweets stuff or also other things. 

So,  for my experiment, I have put many different types of food at the ant’s place and then come and check them 2-3 times per day. 

This is my investigation report on my experiment.


SAT Preparation

In this expertise what we are doing is to prepare ourselves for the SAT that we will be taking in the future for college. Now it is not the time where we have to be rush at everything because most of the students at Liger still have about one year and a half more to get themselves ready. However, it is the time where we need to know what are the things that we need more time to practice, both math and English, so that we know what exactly what our goals are so that we could focus on those stuff more than others. For practicing SAT we do it online, by using one program called Khan Academy. This program got everything that we needed into to do well when the SAT comes. We are not only learn and practice everything by ourselves, we also have our math and literacy facilitator that could help us with anything that we want them to. In addition, every senior had already took the practice SAT, just to see what it looks like. The score that they got from it means nothing at all, it just to show how much that could improve from their score and also the stuff that they need more time to work on. Next year on Mach they all will take the practice SAT once again just to see how much improvement have they made as well as some more things to work on.


In photography class there are 12 students and two teachers. We are learning about taking a good photos, cameras, and discuss what the photos looks like. For the first week we looked at the photos that took by the photographers. The rest of the weeks students have the chance to use camera and try to take the photo by themselves. Also we been walking out around the school and took the pictures of any actions (kick and throw the ball..). Then if the photos that took by the students and it look great we will discuss together what the photo looks like and why it looks like that. The reason that we learn this is because those 12 students are learning about Phnong Minority (indigenous people). So it easier for them when they go on trip they need to talk the pictures and if they know the basic of how to talk their pictures will great too. Also they worked a lot with editing photos and add the captions, that why this expertise is happen.