Seen But Can’t Reply

Perspective: The poem got inspired by a novel called The Rent Collector and was talking a character, Nisay (a child), who was watching his parents everyday and how he was expressing his feelings about them as well as what had happened to his family.

Every single day, all I see was tears swirling around a woman’s eyes.

I felt stupid everytime she talked to me, so I cry.

We lived on the same ground, we were born to be the same citizens, why can’t I understand what she said?

Wait, was that because I was only one year old and was always be in my bed?

I couldn’t express how useless I was at that age and I wished to grow faster

Not in a purpose to make friends but to help my dad and my mother.

I believed nobody could imagine what a day would look like for us

It was exhausting and frustrating, until some days my father created a fuss.

I didn’t mean to get sick and make my parents felt hopeless, but if I were to be healthy, you’ll see me jump.

But overall, the one reason behind everything was because our home was at the garbage dump.

Staying inside my mother’s embrace for almost 24 hours was always my only happiness.

But I did feel guilty when all she did was clean up my mess.

I tried not to cry most of the time because I knew it will provide more pressure to my parents

But what could I do if my feelings were constantly changing like the wave’s current.

I was a child who depended on remedy for all my life.

Sometimes just to receive money to look after me, my dad risked his life with gangster’s knife.

But finally, after a beautiful storm, there’s come a delightful rainbow.

Our family looked happier even if we did not show.

And that was when I got better

My sickness vanished; Thanks to my traditional doctor.






Poem – Trash VS Literature

The poem is written from a perspective of a woman who lives at the trash dump and is whose life is full of struggles, but then literature changes her life through storybooks. Also, this poem gets inspired from a novel titled The Rent Collector.

I spend many years of my life living at the trash dump, but it is more than just a normal lifestyle. Here are my stories:

Trash is my blood.

My whole life depends on garbage, even the stuff I found in the mud.

Trash is my food,

Which sometimes is the only things that can change my mood.

Trash is my medicine.

It can make my child’s sickness vanish so that he can grins.

Trash is my hope,

Which is the only thing that I could look closer to my future just like using a microscope.

Trash is my knowledge.

Since it is what I always depend on, I hope it could get me into college.

 But after all, I feel the world is very small, and that is when I meet an admirable woman, who teaches me literature. Since then…

Literature is my blood.

Every single day, it is flowing in my brain like a flood.

Literature is my food.

I can eat it all day without reaching my highest altitude.

Literature is my medicine.

It could help to heal all my life’s struggles and also give me lessons.

Literature is my hope,

A really powerful aspect of life that is very sustainable just like a rope.

Literature is my knowledge,

Since it is a part of education, it is a right, not a privilege.


Poem – Your Waste My Money

→ This poem is written from a perspective of a girl who lives at the trash dump and is depicting her future based on her environment.

How do you define your own happiness? Personally, rummaging around in trash is my happiness – every then and now.

If you were me, a piece of metal will make you say wow.

Getting cuts, Feeling sore, being robbed? I am used to it

But I alert myself, again and again, that I can’t quit.

Trash is my life, trash is my only hope – if you do not know

Now, you’re thinking of developing your country, but then where else could I go?

Waking up every morning, without the smell of a delicious breakfast is a part of my routine

Instead, all I smell is trash, which makes me never want to become clean.

Staying home will never be one of my options

Why? I’m very busy each day picking up trash; they are waiting for me to pick them up with impatient.

Up until these days, all I am obsessed with is trash

Even if it means sweating all day just to receive a little amount of cash.

Letting my family starve is my biggest fear

But what else can I do if messing around with waste is my career

I won’t be surprised if I get rejected for other jobs because of my background

But what else do you expect from a person whose parents were never found.

So please, if you don’t mind, give me a chance

I just need money, I’m not asking for an advance.

Otherwise, my child won’t be able to study

Because all I know right now is your waste is my money.


Voice of Elders article

“When girls hangout at night, we called them boys,” said Sophal Thoung.

The love parents have for their children has no constraint. Sometimes teenagers feel that they are under the manipulation of their parents or think that they are strict. However, the only reason behind it is that parents always caring, frantic, and worried, especially when knowing that their kids are hanging out late at night.

In countries such as Cambodia, there is a strong belief against girls hanging out at night, particularly among the elders. According to Sophal Thoung, one of the cleaning staff  at Liger Leadership Academy stated, for around 90 years, girls and women live with regulations and beliefs. When girls become adolescents, they are not allowed to depart the house.

But why aren’t boys or men faced with this restriction?

“They [girls] need to get into the shade when they hit puberty,” said Sophal.

Figuratively, following Mydoc4u website it displays that, the phrase remarked by Sophal, means girls needed to be kept in the room without letting other people seeing them for three months or more. They can’t talk to men, even to their father or brother(s). They don’t go to school but there is a maid who teaches them so many things such as, how to behave properly, how to be a mother, how to do embroidery and chores. This belief occurred because parents want their daughter to be white and want to get people attention by showing what their daughter can do during the ceremony “Get in the shade”. Presently, this tradition is almost extinct, but it still exists in some places of Cambodia such as Koh Kong, Kampong Cham, and Siem Reap.

Sophal also explained her role as a parent and argued strongly that girls should not be hanging out at night. Additionally, she has clarified that she does worry for both of her child (boy and girl) but there are specific things she concerned about between them.   

“For my daughter, I misgive that they would get prostitution, and for my son, mostly I worried that if they are hanging out at night, the strangers could make them using drug and another thing is the traffic accident,” she declared.

She felt hesitant to give 100% trust to her kids. Although they are going to school every day she still concerned if they are going to other places. Sophal continued talking about the difference between boys and girls. She commented that parents worry more about their daughters than their sons. It is not that they don’t love them but the stereotypes that girls are weak, emotional, lack of confidence; in fact, boys are muscular, dominant, and intelligent, are the reasons why elders worry more about their daughters.

On the other hand, related to teenagers hanging out at night, Healthy Children website indicates that there are two types of parents. Some parents prefer a set curfew, a rule that requires people to be indoor at a certain amount of time, while other parents prefer to vary curfew decision. Parents who provide a set of curfew to their kids are kind of strict, punctual, and specific. But parents with different curfew decisions are more likely understand and show forgiveness to their kids. Moreover, living with curfew decisions are actually demonstrating flexibility, which encourages teenagers to show the responsibility of every action they take.  

As a role of parents, there are many things that we can’t resist to not concern about our kids. Furthermore, “There are possibilities for why parents do not allow teens to leave house at night such as, they are lack of trust within their children, they fear of a society of mixing boys and girls, they see a young woman going outside alone as inappropriate and dangerous”, based on About Islam website. The article also mentioned about two different countries with different religions that talked about the perspective of teenagers hanging out at night, it contributes that, “In the US, socializing with members of the opposite sex is a normal thing in teenagers life, while in Islam it is seen as something that can lead to many serious sins and problems”.

In Cambodia, the superstition of girls and women hanging at night still exists among some parents. But after reading this article, there are some takeaways that I want you to consider and differentiate about.

“Parents have honor because of their daughter, they lose honor also because of their daughter”.

“Both genders are allowed to hangout at night, most importantly they just need to be loyal to their parents and be able to take care themselves”.








My One and Only Night | Halloween Creative Story

Short clip below. 

Something in the closet was making a strange noise, so I opened the door and I saw a black cat was jumping out of the closet and to my face. “Ahhhhh!”, I yelled as loud as I can. My body are shaking from the toes to my head. The evil cat try to bite my neck but luckily I grab it out. After the cat was out of my face, I ran as fast as I can no matter what. I heard the pounding footstep following me as I ran down the stair. The wicked “meow” grew louder and louder. The hideous cat kept chasing me. As I open the door to the yard, I realized….I was trapped. There weren’t just a cat, but villainous looking cats, almost 100 of them. They were looking at me with their creepy eyes. I was panicking. Their “meows” was so bloodcurdling enough to make my brain explode. I started to “meow” back, louder, more high pitched than them.

One by one they all started to explode with brains and stuff coming out. Right now, the dead body of the cats are everywhere, it smells gross and I can’t even think about anything to do. My eyes opened wide, all I see was many black cats exploding their brains. I try to find something to defend myself as some of them have not die yet, coming toward me. I grabbed a bunch of rocks that was inside a flower pot right next to me and throw at them but nothing is worth it, “Nooooo!!!”, I yelled, but I still keep throwing. It has turned out that those rocks are coming back to me and even into my mouth whenever I screamed. Unfortunately, I have swallowed one rock into my stomach. But that is good thing because all of the sudden,those evil cats has turned to fairies and fly out of my house, and the floor that was full of brains was also cleaned. I got a big smile on my face after everything ended. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00am, I was shocked and can’t believe that those cats has ruin my whole night.

Finally, my parents and my sibling came down stair. I felt strange because everyone was smiling. As I about to walk up to them to explain what had happened to me, my dad said “EVERYTHING WAS A PRANK BABY. It is not real, I made everything up and also it just that you got problem with your eyes and your ears!”. “And even this whole Halloween story was not real.” If you get what I mean, readers!       

What have we learned in Literacy?

Before we get into any new lesson, in Literacy affirmation is always the priority. It brings motivation about life and goals of the day to each student’s everyday.

Learning literacy this year is very different from previous year, since we got new teacher. Within few months we learn so much such as, vocabularies, which we learn new word everyday, connotation and denotation, personal narrative essay, comma rules, parallel structure, preparation for reading and writing section of PSAT, semicolon, coming of age tradition, and rhetorical triangle.

The improvement of those lesson has gained a lot by everyone. Even Though we learned so many things, but there is no time that we ever forget them because we practice them in our daily life , whether by ourselves or with others.

Pygmalion Play

In literacy class we had learned about the Pygmalion play. In the class we read it until the end of the act. While we are reading we also do some work about the play. For example we do the text dependent question about the play, answer the questions by using evidence and the characteristic of the characters. These activities help us to understand more about the story as well as developing our thoughts through the whole play. 

Sonnet Poem

We learn at the Liger Learning Center.
There are a lot of classes and subjects.
Moms told us that we need to drink water.
Tuesday after school we have robotics.

We have a dog named Harry, so skinny.
Our school has a trip to Mondulkiri.
Students study and see the monkeys.
And we go to talk to them politely.

Unfortunately they all ran away.
We were so shocked we jumped around and said olala.
Teacher feels bad, doesn’t know what to say.
Not for very long we saw Malala.

We went to ask her for her signature.
She looks very nice outside and also in the picture.

Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am
I’m a girl.
I am 13 years old.
Everyday after school
I feel so wonderful
with my after school extensions,
especially football.
When I come to school every morning
I always see the beautiful trees with the green nature.
I love Liger so much and nothing can
change my love for Liger.
My life changed a lot when I came to Liger.
My favorite classes are math and literacy.
In the future I want to be a doctor because I want to help Cambodian people.

Where i’m from Poem


I am from art and shopping,
And I am from porridge, chocolate, and fried noodle.
I am from Kampot, Mondulkiri, Pursat,
And I am from market with my mother and Ta Khmau.
I am from Marady, Vattey, and Sovannou,
And I am from flower pot, bicycle and moto.
I am from frozen movie and music,
And I am from school trip and family vacation.
I am from Phnom Penh and I am from Cambodia,
But most of all, I am from Determination and living in a lovely family.