Changing Cambodia 2016-2017

I believe that Cambodia, a developing country, needs more change agents. At Liger Learning Center that is what we are always focusing on. We want every promising child to change Cambodia, make improvements to their country to become better, whether based on what they learned or after they have graduated from school. In some of my classes (2016-2017) called exploration the project that we’ve done had changed Cambodia. In those classes we learned about Iron deficiency anemia, Khmer Rouge, and Climate Summit.

At the beginning of the year I commence with an exploration called Iron deficiency. It was one of my favorite exploration so far throughout the courses of the year. In a class with 12 bright young minds, we studied about Iron Deficiency anemia. It is one of those common condition in Cambodia where the level of our red blood cell diminish and that causes our body to contain less iron. There are three main types of anemia such as parasitic anemia, genetic anemia and mainly the iron deficiency anemia. Parasitic anemia is caused by animals that suck blood, for example hookworm. Genetic anemia is caused by passing the gene from your parents. The last one is iron deficiency anemia, which causes by the food that you consume into your body.      

We have looked through many websites and videos in order to learn more about Iron deficiency anemia. Moreover, we have also been to one clinic in Phnom Penh to talk more about blood, since what we were learning also connected to blood. We had found one company which we considered as the solution to anemia. That is the Lucky Iron Fish. Lucky Iron Fish is a fake fish that made from special iron called F1. We can put this fish into our food and it iron will release out, that is one of the way that people can consume iron into their body. Our team collaborated with that company because there are such a lot of things that they could help us and we them also. After a few weeks of learning and researching about anemia in class, we went to Siem Reap to do the workshop for people who mostly lived in the rural area. The workshop not just only for adults but also for children who studied in some schools that we had contacted to. The workshop was basically about what we had learned in class, such as how to use Luck Iron Fish, food that contain a lot of iron and types of anemia. We also had performed a play to all of those villagers, it talked about a woman who is anemic. But then their is another villager who tells her to use the Lucky Iron Fish. We also cooked the food that we put the Lucky Iron Fish in it, then we let all the people taste it to see the different. But actually there is no different, but instead we do consume more iron to our body than before. At the end of every workshop that we have done, we had distribute the Lucky Iron Fish to all the villagers. In a total of four workshop we had distribute about 400 Lucky Iron Fish to people who participate in the workshops. Therefore, this action was one of how we had change Cambodia. Even if we are not the doctor but giving them Lucky Iron Fish which help them to get gain more iron in their body is also a part of helping others. This was one of the outstanding experience for me so far, seeing Cambodian who live in the rural live in the condition of anemia is one feeling, where we are sympathetic for them but after distribute them the Luck Iron Fish is also another feeling, where we feel we had also bring them happiness and light their lives once again.

My second exploration that also had changed Cambodia was about Khmer Rouge. All Cambodian knew really clear for what it means and the theme of it for how it looked like. It hard to learn about this topic because it is something that we could never forget, especially all of the victims who had suffer through this cruel genocide, Khmer Rouge. Everything are all connected, Cambodia genocide would just not exist without any reason and behind those reasons there must be something that might connected to the other country that we wouldn’t know. In this exploration we’re not only focusing on the Khmer Rouge itselves we also learned about different genocides from the other countries, through poems and some website based on true stories. Even some of the genocides does not relate anything to Cambodian genocide but we could still get knowledge, opinions and different thought on it by finding the similarities and differences. Learning in class did gave us something but I think learning outside the class gave us another experience. So our group went to the Killing Field and S21. Killing is the place Pol Pot and other Khmer Rouge soldiers use to kill people. There are audio tour and tour guide. But everyone in the group choose audio tour because it is more independent. As I listened to it and walked from one place to another somehow I couldn’t believe what I saw and what I heard. But I still try to go all the way because it was part of our learning. S21 was now a present, not for people but for Khmer Rouge victims in the past. Before it was one of the high school in Phnom Penh. Again, there are both tour guide and audio tour and still, everybody choose audio tour. To me I think S21 is the most creepy place that I had ever seen in my life. Everything was just speechless. After seeing this two places there is one question that always stuck in my mind, that why cambodian killed cambodian itself. I was still not sure for how to answer this questions because I don’t think there is a right answer. This two places got me surprised. I mostly see a lot foreigners going out there but why there are only a few of Cambodian. This our own history there should more of our citizens went out to know and learn about it but instead there are more foreigners. As our final product of this project we had created one video. It was about S21. Every single person in our team had express their person feeling about S21 in that video. We want all Cambodians and next generation to see the video and willing that they could change their mind, by going to see those two place that are about Khmer Rouge which one of the most important history of Cambodia. We considered this as changing Cambodia, even though it might seem just a little thing but we believe that if one person have watched it and do what we want then the whole society will start doing the same thing.              

Finally, the last exploration of changing Cambodia. It is called Climate Summit. Of course we did learned about climate change. Everyone in the world know about it, it is a global issued. We have looked at one international event/program that people are doing it nowaday. It was called Climate Interactive. This program allowed people from countries all over the world to come together and discuss about climate change. It was divided into six regions, US, EU, China, developed countries, developing countries and India. As the whole group we looked at the event and learned for what it looked like. We also practice doing it with our team to see how it goes. Since this exploration started we already have a plan that we are going to make this event happen in our school with students from different schools or organization(s) that could speak English in Cambodia. After we know how to lead the event to others we actually did it. We invited five schools and another six students from our school, Liger. Our event was one day. All the participants had been divided into six regions, it was not by school, everyone are mixed together so that they could know each other more. We have four scientists, represent by the students from our school to talk about Climate change, background information. After that everyone get into their region room and start to discuss about that global issue as well as what effects Cambodia might get from that perspective. Then start the negotiation with the other regions. In conclusion, what we have on that day was huge and really worthwhile. Even we can’t teach or give knowledge to the who Cambodian about climate change but that doesn’t matter, at least we had already educated students which they all are still have a long mile more to go in their life so we believe that they will spread what they have got from us to their people/family or if possible to the whole society. Climate change happen because of human’s activities so we should do what we must do or stop what we have to stop as soon as possible in order to solve this global issue. We should start it right now, today, this minutes and this second because know one know the future of our planet for what’s going to happen. Life just go on, and things that going to exist will come up.  



Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

This year I have been to Singapore for the FLL (First Lego League) Trash Trek robot competition. It happens once a year and there is different topic in every year. It is one of the thing that have change Cambodia because my team had made one commercial that can education Cambodia people to reduce plastic. From Liger Learning Center there is a group of ten students who participate in that competition and we divided into two team that have five students in each team. The topic about the robot competition this year was about Trash Trek. We all decided to do about plastic bags. We had named our team. My team named Rebot, and another team named Cambot. My team choose to do about reducing plastic bags. We did the research about it and found out that there are a lot of problems about plastic in Cambodia.


  • 1500 tons of waste/day in Phnom Penh
    • 15% to 17% plastic bag
  • Landfill near Phnom Penh is almost full because we always bring the trash to there
  • Most people burn trash near their houses
    • toxic chemicals are released into the air and soil so it can effect to their health   
  • We see plastic bag trash EVERYWHERE
  • People use plastic bag because they think that they’re easy and they didn’t think of the environmental problem
  • Only one small organisation recycles bags in Cambodia

Where do we get these information form?

  • CINTRI – Waste disposal company
    • In order to learn about plastic we went to CINTRI. It is the company in Phnom Penh that collect the trash and bring it to the landfill.
  • Funky Junk Recycled – NGO that reuses and recycles plastic bags to make purses   
    • In Cambodia there is only one organization called Funky Junk that recycle plastic bags. But they only recycle a few of them.  
  • Ministry of Tourism – Future factory to recycle plastic
    • The Ministry of Tourism had came to our school and told us that in near the future there will a factory that recycle plastic bags into the black oil. Which can be use to build the road.  
  • Ministry of Environment – Has started a campaign to reduce plastic  
    • The last and most important things this project is the Ministry of Environment. They had asked us to make a commercial about reducing plastic bags.

Solution to the problems of plastic bags

We have made one commercial that is about reducing plastic bags that are acted by one of our chief at school (be a dad), residential educator (mom), and one of our team member (daughter). We hope that when people look at our commercial they will understand more about plastics for how it can affect to our environment. Also in that commercial we had told people to use reusable containers. For example: when we go to the market most of the time people use plastics bags to put stuff so we want them to a cloth bag instead. The commercial that we have made was view in the Ministry of Environment website and Facebook.

All the people who participate in the robot Competition had went to Singapore. Before the day that we do the robot competition we need to do the presentation to judges about the project that we had work on about the Trash Trek. There are a lot of people from different schools that join the competition, about 400 schools and there are over 2000 people. On the next day in the morning it was the time to do the competition with our robot. There are so many challenges that our robot needed to complete and all the challenges was about Trash Trek. After we do the robot competition it was the time to know our result for the presentation and the robot. Both of the teams from our school didn’t win anything price with our robot because there are some problem while we did the those challenges. But my team (Rebot) had won for the presentation with the innovative solution because we had made a commercial about reducing plastic that can educate people to learn more about it.    

How does it help to change Cambodia?

When people look at our commercial they will reflect to themselves that before what they have done and now what should they be change. We hope that the next generation will not destroy our environment if they watch our video. We want people to reduce plastic by using reusable containers. If it have people do it everyday then there will more people that do follow them, then will have a clean environment.    



Changing Cambodia 2014-2015 – Culture in Cambodia

I really wanted to change Cambodia, but first I needed to know that what are the thing that I needed to change Cambodia. For my ideas I think needed to changed in Cambodia is about the culture in Cambodia. The reason that I choose this topic to talk about changing Cambodia is because last time my exploration is about Cambodian Culture Shock. When I learned about culture in Cambodia I started to think that most of Cambodian people not respected their own culture in their country. My class that learned about culture we have a trip to Siem Reap to learn about culture too. We think that in Siem Reap have a lot of foreigner that came and visited the temple. So we want to see what does the culture in Siem Reap look like when have a lot of people came to Siem Reap like that. Mostly Cambodian people when they saw the foreigner people they never showed respect by using their hands. Sometime they just shake hand with the foreigner people. So when I see like that I really wanted to tell those people to use their own culture, but I can’t because I am too small to do those thing. Even though some they used their culture but just about 40% that are using their own culture but 60% more I don’t think that they do like that.

Solution of change Cambodia about the topic are:
We should tell the people about:
– How it important to respect our own culture
– Make sure that they know what is our culture and why they needed to do it
– If other people come to our country and see us using our culture like that how they feel and how they respect us back
– If we not used our culture to showed respected the Cambodia people that the same as us they might think that we are rude and a bad people
– If we not using our culture how can the next generation they know what is Cambodia culture and what culture they should respect if we not using it from now on
– If we not used our culture how can we show other country about our culture

Advantages of change Cambodia about culture are:
– Change Cambodian people’s ideas to use their own culture
– Make Cambodia to be a country that have the own culture and keep it for a long time
– How it important that we born in Cambodia and used our culture
– Keep the culture for the next generation

All this things Cambodian people should know because they are living in Cambodia right now. So they needed to know Cambodia culture and they should respected it not using the other culture because they are not living in the other country. Even my solutions is wanted to change Cambodia, but I knew that Cambodia not going to change very fast because it needed sometime to change too. For me I said that Cambodia needed respected their own culture, but for me i’m not do it yet too. So I know it needed some more time for Cambodia to change but I hope that Cambodia with be using and respected their own culture back. In the future if Cambodia changed to respected their own culture I am sure that Cambodia will be an development country. But not only about culture, it can be other thing too that Cambodia needed to change to be an development country. This is my goal that I want to change Cambodia. I hope that in the future Cambodian people will help me by using their own culture back to reach my goal.